The Elwood Nest Difference

The Elwood Nest is a locally owned and operated childcare & kindergarten designed to ensure every child feels cherished, inspired and happy.

We’re Elwood Locals

We’re proud to be a locally owned and operated childcare & kindergarten in the Elwood community. At The Elwood Nest, you’ll find an intimate, nurturing setting deeply ingrained with the Elwood values. One big family, we believe every child deserves the very best in education and care, and that’s why we believe that learning is much more than acquiring knowledge.

We understand the importance of community and actively look to engage and build strong support networks for our students and their families.

Belonging, Being & Becoming Are Our Core Values


Belonging is the basis for living a fulfilling life. Children feel they belong because of the relationships they have with their family, community, culture, and place.


Being is about living here and now. Childhood is a special time in life and children need time to just ‘be’—time to play, try new things and have fun.


Becoming is about the learning and development that young children experience. Children start to form their sense of identity from an early age, which shapes the type of adult they will become.

Bespoke Design Environments

We focus on learning through play, valuing it as one of the main ways in which children learn and develop. Play helps to nurture imagination and give a child a sense of adventure. Through this, they can learn essential skills such as problem-solving, working with others, and sharing.

We want to provide every child that joins our nest the opportunity to fall in love with learning and socialising. Our bespoke design and carefully considered learning environments are crafted to ignite curiosity and imagination.

Our Curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

The Early Years Learning Framework was designed to ensure your child receives quality education programs in their early childhood setting. This is a vital time for them to learn and develop.

engaging builds success for life

The Framework ‘s vision is for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life. It is a guide for early childhood educators who work with children from birth to five years. They will use the Framework in partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educators, to develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through their play. The Early Years Learning Framework describes childhood as a time of belonging, being and becoming.

How Will it Work?

Educators will use this new Framework in a range of early childhood settings, including long day care, preschools and family day care to ensure that your child receives a high quality experience. It has been created and trialled by experienced early childhood educators, academics, parents and carers. The Framework focuses on your child’s learning. Educators will work with you in order to get to know your child well. They will create a learning program that builds on your child’s interests and abilities, and keep you in touch with your child’s progress.

Through the Framework’s five learning goals educators will assist your child to develop:


A strong sense of their identity


Connections with their world


A strong sense of wellbeing


Confidence and involvement in their learning


Effective communication skills

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